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I have always been a “fit person” I was an athlete growing up and I have been in the gym for over 20 years. I have been a personal trainer for 8 years so the fitness lifestyle is something I adopted many moons ago.


I got my feet wet with my first couple of bodybuilding shows in the early 2000’s however when asked how long I have been competing I say consistently since 2007. My competitive career has been pretty successful. I’ve had category wins at Southerns, Provincials and the Emerald Cup and Top 3 finishes at Canadian Nationals and in San Diego as a light and middleweight bodybuilder.


I loved competing but after a couple of 2nd place finishes I decided it was time to hang up my posing suit. It wasn’t out of disappointment with my placings, rather it was that I was happy I got 2nd place because I really didn’t like what the winning bodies were looking like. To me that was a clear indication that should get out of bodybuilding while I was ahead.


After about a year off I started to take notice of the bodies that were winning women’s physique all over North America, I was impressed and intrigued about poten. At the same point I was also attending a lot of shows in Alberta and was continually seeing that the muscular, feminine, proportioned and insanely conditioned physiques that I loved all had been trained by Freak Fitness. The decision seemed very simple and I wanted to be a part of the Freak Fitness Family.


Before working with Freak Fitness I heard a lot of “You Have Such An Amazing Shape” or “Your Back is Crazy” BUT I had never come in fully conditioned or really ever brought a complete package to the stage. MY LEGS specifically were my downfall. I got a lot of comments about the size and even the shape of my legs but they were never shredded and in fact sometimes lacked any definition at all.


I started working with Freak Fitness at the tail end of 2014 and the change in my physique has been incredible. I can easily say that my biggest weakness has definitely become my greatest strength. At 2015 Nationals I walked on stage with a set of legs that even I was in disbelief of. Dialed in would be an gross understatement. Not only did my legs com in conditioned but my entire physique transformed to the balanced feminine look that is Women’s Physique.


The guidance and support that I have received From Fitness has been one of the best experiences of my life.


 I competed at 2015 Canadian Nationals in Women’s Physique after a short off season and full contest prep with Freak Fitness. The outcome was beyond my wildest dreams, probably beyond most competitor’s wildest dreams. At Nationals I won, WPD Masters “A” Class, WPD Masters Overall, WPD Open “A” Class as well as The Overall for WPD. This earned me not one but two IFBB Pro Cards. Pretty much as good as it could possibly get.


A week later I made my Pro Debut at the Vancouver Pro/Am and was lucky enough to finish in the top 5 my first time on stage as an IFBB Pro. Another totally surreal moment.


Everything about working with Freak Fitness surprised me and continues to surprise me in only the most positive ways. I have had lot of really amazing coaches over the years but I think the thing that sets Darren and Christina apart and way above is that that they as accountable to their athletes as they are to them, if not more. They truly care that you feel successful, confident and positive about the experience. They celebrate in your successes as if they were their own, because really, THEY ARE! I had never had that feeling of a coach being really truly proud before and it definitely elevated my experience.


Freak Fitness is so different than any other coach or team.


Training programs are incredible personalized and specific. I found every program worked on my personal weak points but also worked to reshape my entire physique to suit this specific category. 


Nutrition programs are pretty simple and extraordinarily effective both On Season and Off Season. I haven’t found any of them to overly restrictive and I feel because of this the post competition eating has been much more manageable than I have experienced in the past. The inclusion of detailed supplement planning as well has been extremely helpful.           


Contest Preparation and Peak Week: I used to live by the philosophy during the peak week “the worse I feel, the better I must look”. Leading up to Nationals and the Vancouver Pro I felt SO GOOD that it actually concerned me and yet I looked in the mirror and watched a better, fuller, tighter physique evolving by the minute. Being properly hydrated, nourished and energized was a great way to experience the stage for once.


Support: The level of support that Darren has given me through this process has been insane (And at times probably drove him insane). Whether it was providing words of wisdom during moments of insecurity, answering training, nutrition or health questions or just generally providing motivation he has ALWAYS taken the time to address my questions. I felt like he took the time to at least TRY to figure out what made me tick and how to support and motivate me as an individual. I never received a single cookie cutter response or a hint of annoyance and never ever left without a reply. This was a massive and pleasant surprise to me.


Team: there are 2 elements of the Freak Fitness Family that are so important.

  1. Accountability – There is definitely something about being associated with a team of such successful athletes that makes you want to push a little harder. There is no pressure or expectations, just an inherent desire to bring your best and represent well.

  2. Support – The Freak Fitness Family of Athletes is a support system like nothing I have ever seen. To have so many athletes in this particular sport which needless to say at times can be judgemental and catty at times show each other complete and total unconditional support and encouragement is quite an amazing phenomenon. Whether you need someone to train with, a referral for a suit maker or make-up artist, a few motivational words or a training tip or two this team the ladies and gents on this team have each other's backs. It is Incredible and I think again speaks to the nature of the amazing guidance from Darren and Christina.


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