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My name is Gabrielle Tongol, 20-year-old CBBF Figure competitor from Calgary, Alberta! I competed at my first competition at the age of 18 where I placed 8th out of 16 girls (before photo with the green suit). I took a year and a half off to work on some improvements and then decided it was time to seek a new coach to help me prepare for my journey back to the stage after more than enough time of a break. I came across Freak Fitness through another well-known FREAK, IFBB Pro Azaria Glaim, and contacted Freak Fitness right away and that’s where it all began!

January 2015 was the beginning to my road back to the stage as a FREAK and I can say I am now FOREVER a FREAK! I can honestly say that I have never met anyone like Darren and Christina, how they have impacted my life has been amazing! As a team, we were able to exceed my expectations by reaching the goals I had and more, and along the road we were able to create a new friendship that will last a very long time!

Throughout my prep there were many challenges and struggles that I came across when trying to reach my ideal physique/conditioning. No matter what obstacles I had, whether it was the feeling of doubt, lack of confidence, unmotivated, or whatever it was – Darren was and still is someone I can always turn to and he knows exactly what to say to put things into a different perspective. Now, he doesn’t BS you, he tells you how it is and this is another thing I admire about him – again, like I said, he just ALWAYS knows how and what to say to you to help you overcome these struggles which is GREAT and very rare to find in a COACH which is why I like to consider Darren more of a friend! He gets to know you on a personal level and not just as a client and coach relationship, this makes you feel very comfortable and open at all times without being afraid of “oh no what will Darren say?” On the topic of building these kinds of relationships with his clients, it just shows how much he REALLY CARES for his clients, it’s truly amazing to see the amount of time, care, and attention he gives to each of his clients! Regardless of how busy, tired, or crazy he may be, you bet that his replies to you will always be meaningful, thorough, and super supportive!

In addition to having Darren’s awesome support, Christina’s expertise on posing, stage presence, tanning, suit color/design, hair and make up – you’ve pretty much got the full deal! She’s always open to assist with making those tough decisions when it comes to the final touches and details. It’s so awesome and very comforting!

With the incredible support of these two we were able to accomplish BIG things! Starting off with placing 1st at the 2015 ABBA Southerns in the Figure Short division and claiming the Figure Overall title as well, then two weeks later placing 1st at the ABBA Provincials in the Figure Short division. To say I was happy doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt during those two weeks!

Freak Fitness believed in me from DAY 1 and on all the days where I didn’t and without their support I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish all of this as my “comeback” to the stage! I went from placing 8th at my first show to all these 1st place titles and now moving onto Nationals in hopes of my IFBB pro card in a matter of a year and a half… CRAZY if you ask me!

All in all, my experience has been and continues to be something I never expected when I first signed on with Freak Fitness. I’ve been giving MORE than I’ve ever received when it comes to Freak Fitness’ coaching services and I am beyond grateful. This is exactly how coaches SHOULD be – I couldn’t ask for anything better! From the diet, workouts, communication, support, and personal relationship – the list goes on – There is NOTHING more I could ask for and I will forever be a FREAK and PROUD to be! Thank you Freak Fitness for EVERYTHING!

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