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What attracted me to Freak Fitness was my third show back in 2009 at Provincials placing 3rd and 1st & 2nd place were both Freaks. There seemed to be quite a few Freaks taking the show that year. I thought "Wow this guy Darren seems to know his #"@* !"

Quite some time later....2yrs to be exact, (some personal issues got in the way and I took some time off) I decided to get back into it. I knew I needed to find this Freak-maker everyone talked about.

I contacted Darren in the early months of 2012 to schedule a consult. After a brief conversation with Darren he mentioned that there was a new category being introduced to the Bodybuilding world called Physique. Thought it was a good fit for someone like me. So being as comfortable and confident as Darren had made me feel I said "Ok let's do it!" The rest is history as I will explain.

Before working with Freak Fitness I had taken a long 2yr break from it all. There were some personal issues that needed priority. I still was active with baseball and light training when I had time but nothing serious. My son was in the beginning of his teens, starting a new school, and life had taken a different course.  

Throughout my training I had some interesting struggles not so much physically but mentally. Most of us do, but mine seemed to just reach an extreme at the most inappropriate times. Darren and Christina were there when needed! Christina with the look of “I get it, I've been there and it will pass.” And Darren with the words that pulled you out of the zone your mind had created and put you back on the right path!  Very encouraging in their own special ways, and you either got it or didn't. The choice was all yours.

I took those looks, those words, and fueled the fire that drove me to overcome the stress, negativity, pressures, and complete chaos that life throws us! Then I would release the pressures in the gym......My tranquility, my Zen, my comfort zone.

I ended up placing quite well in my 4 great years of working with Freak Fitness. The highlights were a Provincial Overall title, two National titles, and finally my IFBB Pro Card!

Freak Fitness is an amazing family, the people, the drive, the dedication, all help you to overcome your boundaries and help build a stronger you not only physically but also mentally! Throughout the years, I have not only become a stronger and better person but physically have overcome what I thought was impossible. When you’re headstrong and hard driven to reach those goals, with both you and your trainer set, anything is possible!

Not only is Darren your coach he is a true friend and there is absolutely no sugar coating. What comes out of that man’s mouth comes with not only experience and knowledge but passion and care!

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