National Level Figure Competitor

When I first start with Freak Fitness, it was about two month after I had done CBBF Nationals in 2014. I was the horror story of post-show rebound. I had placed horribly and had no plan from my previous coaches for a reverse diet. After gaining 30 pounds of unflattering weight and having zero energy and just constantly being in a horrible state of mind, I decided that I need to do something. I was binge eating multiple times a day and had the worst relationship with food.


Being still very new to the competition world, I reached out to IFBB Pro Azaria Glaim. She had amazing results with her coach, and she had told me her experience with Darren Mehling was better than anything she could have hoped for.


I started my first off season plan with him that September 2014, and my life has changed in more ways than I could even begin to explain. He helped me put the peanut butter away, guided me to find my focus and motivation again, and also showed me a side of myself I didn't know existed. He told me over  and over again how I was destined for greatness.


With his constant guidance and patience for my relentless self-doubt, we were able to place first in my class and win the Overall title at the 2015 ABBA Northerns, and do the exact same thing at the 2015 ABBA Provincials six weeks later.

Everything about the Freak Fitness training and methods work, especially the pep talks, and I'm looking forward to another amazing competition season and excelling past any of my expectations.

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