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National level Bikini competitor

I found Darren at a time in my life where I had finally reached the point where I couldn't do the work on my own to achieve the results that I wanted. A novice in every aspect, from training to nutrition, I tried a figure competition once on my own and quickly realized this is a world where a professional is needed to guide the way.


My second show under Darren Mehling's training and nutrition was a complete success, and I won the overall title along with my Pro Card. But we still had much work to do. My legs and glutes had always been my problem area, but Darren's training technique drastically changed that and everything else for me. I can now look at my lower body and be proud of what I see in the mirror.


My journey with Freak Fitness started in 2005 and I have been with them ever since. Since then we've gone on to win two Pro titles in different organizations and now have our goal of earning my IFBB Pro Card in Bikini.

What sets Freak Fitness a part from everyone else, is not only the workouts and diet, but the coaching that comes from Darren. With his education and experience, he can zero in on the mental aspect of your prep and circumstances that would normally derail your efforts. His ability to transform not only your body but your mindset, sets him apart from the rest.


I truly feel that Freak Fitness is the upper echelon for competition prep, they are more than just coaches, and that shows in the wealth of clients who have decided to entrust their journey with Freak Fitness. When you become a freak, you become family. 

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