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National level bodybuilder

Before training with Freak Fitness, I was already competing at the provincial level but I was not making changes to my physique nor did I have dieting nailed down.


I met Darren at a local show and we hit it off instantly. We have become friends and he’s a man that I now trust and I know he has my best interest at heart. I needed someone to give me confidence and to help me be the best I could and well. I must say after 7 years I got that and more.  


Darren has incorporated a lot of different techniques so that after years of training with Freak my body has transformed dramatically.  Since starting with Freak Fitness, the outcome has been incredible: from winning the overall Mr. Manitoba and super heavy weight winner in 2010 to earning Top 5 placings at Nationals 2012, 2013 and 2014. My physique has never been bigger and fuller at off season weight of 325 with abs (peaking through lol) and contest weight now up to over 270! I stay leaner but larger all year and feel a lot healthier even though I am that much bigger.


The reasons that make Freak Fitness so different are many.When I feel things are not how I want them to be, through on-going and constant guidance and direction, things will be changed according to my needs; my diet is individualized to me. I regularly consume over 6000 calories a day during contest prep, so I know it’s not the same as anyone else’s; my workouts are, again, my workouts and they are killer… always keep me challenged and improving. In the end, we have built an amazing friendship over the years that no matter if I compete or not we will remain friends forever.

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