Before coming to Freak Fitness, I had won my IFBB pro card in 1992 at the Canadian championships, after winning 1st heavyweight and overall titles at all previous levels.  I competed as a pro for the first time in 1993 at the Jan Tana Classic, placing 5th out of 30 women.  I went on to compete 3 more times, placing 5th at the 2012 IFBB Toronto Pro before "retiring" due to injuries.


In June of 2015, I decided to set my sights on the IFBB Tampa Pro in August but my motivation was lagging.  I'd heard great things about Freak Fitness and had seen many pics of athletes make stunning changes to their physiques on their way to the stage, so there was no question in my mind who would be my coach! I basically contacted Darren and begged him to take me on short notice, knowing full well his roster was pretty much full. 


I became a member of the Freak team, and instantly, my motivation went through the roof.  I saw changes in my physique almost right away.  The new training program and diet were very dialed in to my specific needs as a female bodybuilder. 


Prior to being a Freak Fitness client, I had the classic issues that a lot of competitors face, fading confidence, self-doubt, and very unsure of where my conditioning should be at at any stage of dieting.  I found Darren to be extremely knowledgeable, and his coaching style has a lot of energy, very motivating! I put all my trust in his hands, and followed the guidelines to a tee.  I easily was in the best condition in my life at the 15 Tampa pro at the age of 51.  I placed 8th amongst the best female body builders in the world, with many comments about my extreme conditioning!


What I find unique about Freak Fitness and makes it stand out from others is it’s like being part of a team or family.  I found it like having my own cheerleading team as other members are super supportive during the prepping process.  Also, the coach is prompt at getting back to you when questions arise, and with you for every step during the entire prep. 

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