National level Bikini competitor

I have always been an active person and working out has been ingrained in me since I was a child as my dad was a non competitive bodybuilder and my hero. From watching him workout and seeing him age so gracefully and in amazing shape he instilled the values of positive body image, self worth, dedication and hard work in all aspects of life.  I see these values in Darren Mehling.


I decided to start training with Freak Fitness back in 2010 when Christina and Darren kept telling me how much potential I had and how I should try to compete, which I did for the first time in 2010.  


Darren is more than a trainer, he is a friend, he is a motivator, he is highly educated and super intelligent. Before training with Freak my body was not as developed with muscularity and I tried everything to gain size in my legs and nothing was working.


Darren made a tailor made plan for me to hit all my weak spots and to help me emphasize my shape and gain size. When I started training with Freak Fitness, I stood at 5'7 and 135lbs off season and now I am 154lbs off season and still in a size 4 and I look smaller and way curvier.


Freak Fitness has transformed me both physically and mentally. Darren helps me believe in myself in all aspects of my life.  All the people that decide to train with Freak Fitness seem to be the same type of person... driven, successful, career & goal oriented, and kind. There is a reason for that and it is the kind of people Darren and Christina are.  They have brought me to a whole other level, I have placed 2nd at Nationals 2014, 2015. I only could have achieved this with their help and guidance.

I would never choose another trainer to help guide and direct me, Freak Fitness forever!!!

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