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Offering ImuPro Food Sensitivity Testing


What is Food Sensitivity Testing?

Food sensitivity testing – also referred to as an IgG food allergy (type III) testing – is a laboratory test in which blood is analyzed to detect levels of IgG antibodies specific to particular food proteins.

Performed in a highly specialized laboratory, the test results enable health care professionals to guide their patients who suffer from a wide variety of chronic complaints emanating from food intolerance.

What are food sensitivities?

Food intolerance or IgG food allergies (type III) is a growing concern among many patients and their health care providers. This is largely due to the difficulty drawing a straight line between certain foods and the chronic complaints that a food sensitivity might be causing. FitLabs’ test – exclusively sourced from ImuPro – helps overcome that uncertainty.

With an IgG food allergy, the immune system reacts to usually harmless food allergens and produces specific IgG antibodies. These antibodies can then cause inflammatory reactions which may lead to various chronic complaints. However,  since these symptoms are often delayed for hours or even days, patient can often only suspect that a certain food is the source of their complaint, but the delayed onset makes it hard for them to be certain.


The test – developed by ImuPro and exclusively available in Canada from FitLabs – tests foods individually and allows the patients to change their diet very selectively based on their results. Along with the test results, FitLabs delivers comprehensive nutritional guidelines and professional support for Freak Fitness clients.


  1. Order your ImuPro test from FITLabs Provider (Darren Mehling)

  2. Receive your test kit in the mail.

  3. Collect self-administered blood sample via finger prick.

  4. Mail your sample to FITLabs.

  5. Receive your results via email.

  6. Implement dietary changes with the help of your FITLabs Provider (Darren Mehling).

This service can be provided to anyone, Freak Fitness client or general public.

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Food Intolerance Testing
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