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Before working with Freak Fitness I considered myself athletic but I held a lot of my extra body fat around my hips/butt/thighs and had zero upper body definition or strength. I needed a challenge and wanted to see what physique I would be able to accomplish.


I found Freak Fitness while searching for a coach for an upcoming MABBA Novice competition. I was not convinced I would be able to even step on stage but after my first consultation with Darren he was genuinely excited and confident I would be able to accomplish my goal of stepping on stage.

Since working with Darren and Christina I have won 3 National Championship titles in fitness as well as my IFBB Pro Card. Many athletes dream of winning their IFBB Pro Cards and I know I would not have been able to achieve this goal without Freak Fitness.


Darren and Christina have become not only my coaches but my friends. Darren has been able to adjust my program from a first time bikini competitor to an IFBB Fitness Pro. I have 100% confidence when it comes to my competition prep diet and training and I have never had to worry about bringing my best physique to the stage because I know if I listen to their coaching and guidance and put in the hard work I will bring my best physique possible. I have been complimented on the IFBB Pro stage with my posing and stage presence and I know it was from the Freak Fitness posing classes.


I truly believe I would not have accomplished as much as I have, as quickly as I have without Freak Fitness. I couldn't imagine trusting anyone else with my competition prep.

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