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My journey with Freak Fitness began just before the summer of 2014. I had been training for not quite a year then but absolutely loved being in the gym. I didn't always know what I was doing but as long as I was there training I felt good. For me the gym has always been my place of peace. You can find me there every Friday night and Christmas if I had the chance.


One night I was feeling down and at a loss for purpose. So I made my way to the gym, head down hat on... An extremely tall man came up to me, introduced himself and started talking all this life into me... How one day he sees me being a HUGE inspiration to females and males. How much potential he saw in me without even knowing me. I knew there was a reason we met that night that was far greater than just a workout.


Sometime after the same man informed me that he thinks I should compete. Competing was something that always intrigued me but from dealing with anorexia and eating issues I never fully had seen myself in that way. He let me know that there was a coach in Winnipeg who wanted to work with me and sent me some information on the team Freak Fitness. I went over it, chatted with my husband Brodie and I made the decision from pure gut feeling to give it a shot.


I knew deep down it was a good choice for me. Darren and I connected, and he was blown away with me but I still didn't see what he did. Darren said, "You will be a PROFESSIONAL Athlete by the end of this year." I giggled and smirked at Darren, allowing him to dream big without my doubtful interference.  


Even though we had worked together for a number of months beforehand, Darren and I first met in person just before my first competition and we instantly bonded. Darren is the most genuine, authentic, kind soul I have had to privilege of knowing.


Soon after we met, I competed in my very first show taking home the win for overall. One week after that, I competed in Provincials, taking home another class win and second overall. Two weeks after that, I competed in Nationals. I took home my class win again, and overall again to become the youngest (20 years old ) IFBB Figure Pro in Canadian history!


Darren is a man of his word. If you put in the work, you will reap the results. We are now into our second year of professional competing at 22 years of age. Darren makes me feel like I am the only one he coaches because he is so personal, compassionate and after the same goals as I am. That goes for all of his athletes.  I am so beyond grateful and excited to see what the future holds. We will continue to progress as individuals and as a team.


If you want a life changing experience you, my friends, are in the right place. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I wish you all the greatest success!

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